Feminist Food Journal is an online magazine dedicated to a feminist food future.

Founded by Isabela Vera and Zoë Johnson, Feminist Food Journal is an online magazine dedicated to telling stories about food through a feminist lens. We explore the ways that food and feminism intersect in collective consciousness, private lives, policy, and practice.

Why food? Food is a natural medium by which to expose and analyze power dynamics related to what bell hooks would call the “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy”: not only because of food’s ubiquity in our daily lives, but also because of how deeply linked it is to the economic, social, cultural, and political systems that shape them.

We interrogate these themes through quarterly magazine issues with diverse perspectives from all over the globe, as well as newsletters from our editors.

Our first issue, MILK, was published in February 2022, followed by WAR in June 2022 and SEX in October 2022, and EARTH coming early 2023. Up next, we have CITY, and SEA. Interested in writing for us? Subscribe to receive our call for pitches by email.

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Meet our team

Isabela Vera & Zoë Johnson, Founding Editors

We’re two West Coast Canadians who grew up cooking and gardening with our moms just a suburb apart, even though it would take us thousands of kilometres and two and a half decades to meet. Our childhoods were shaped by a reverence for the role of women and food in sustaining, teaching, and inspiring us. As adults, we’re fascinated by the power of food in so many areas of our lives, from its ability to bring people—whether two or ten thousand—together; to delight; to nourish; to build and bridge cultures; to regenerate, to resist, and to destroy.  

With Feminist Food Journal, we hope to capture your attention with stories that makes you think differently—about food, culture, and the political in the personal.

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An online magazine dedicated to a feminist food future.


Feminist Food Journal

An online magazine dedicated to a feminist food future.